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How to Use Dehydrated Onion while Cooking a Dish?

Onions are the most used ingredients in cooking dishes all over the world. Although a small section, still refrains from consuming garlic and onion, but the percentage of such people is extremely less compared to the onion lovers.

Since, it may happen that you may run out of fresh onions in the middle of cooking a delicious dish, it is better to have some Dehydrated Onion always in your kitchen drawer.

There are no many manufacturers who offer supreme quality dehydrated onion for their clients at a reasonable pricing. Established in 2006, Bagora Dehydrates is a renowned Gujarat based manufacturer of Dehydrated Onion and many other dehydrated products. The company is a part of Aims Group of Companies and caters to both national and international market.

Know amount the quantity for usage

You may have mastered the art of adding fresh onions in different meals, but using Dehydrated Onion while cooking demands knowledge about how much fresh onion is equivalent to Dehydrated Onion. The thumb rule is to consider that a quarter cup of chopped fresh onion is equivalent to a table spoon of dehydrated minced onion. You can also very well use one table spoon of dehydrated chopped onions or granulated onions instead of using minced onion according to your dish requirement.

Dehydrated Onion needs rehydration

For using Dehydrated Onion in a dish, you need to rehydrate the same by soaking it in a bowl of warm water for at least 20 minutes. You did not need to soak these in case you are cooking a soup or sauce as then onion will get rehydrated when you will add them into the same while cooking. The volume of warm water to be used for soaking Dehydrated Onion should be equivalent to the quantity of the former in order to have good results. You can very well drain the excess water if any so that your dish has the authentic taste of fresh onions.

Due to high humidity, fresh onions often get rotted and so Dehydrated Onion is becoming extremely popular with each passing day as a brilliant alternative for fresh onion. Moreover, these are obtained as chopped, minced, granulated, slice and many other forms because of which they are more convenient to use while cooking a dish. You can keep a jar of Dehydrated Onion in any form for years and thus prove economical too. So, just start cooking your favorite dish using these dehydrated onions.

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