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Why to substitute dehydrated onions for fresh onions?

If someone asks you to choose between it is better to choose fresh onions over dehydrated onions. But dehydrated onions are an excellent choice that can be stored for longer. Dehydrated onions are chopped properly then they are dried to remove away water content. Dehydrated onions are suitable when you are planning to travel to some other location. They are also good for camping and holidays. Do you know one tablespoon dehydrated onion is nearly equal to one fresh onion in quantity? Once you are sure about quantity, it can be used for different recipes according to requirement.

When you are making sauce, soup, meatloaf, or casserole, dehydrated onion tastes better than fresh onions. It is better to keep a package of dehydrated onions when fresh onions are out of stock or truly expensive. They can also be rehydrated when you wanted to give extra flavor to your thanksgiving recipe or preparing food for any other special occasion. You can research special recipes on web where dehydrated onions are primary requirement. Dehydrated onions are great when you are in hurry and you don’t have enough time to mess into tears.

You can buy these special pieces from dehydrated onion manufacturers or suppliers. Dehydrated onions are available in powder form in market.If you are not interested to go into market, next option is to dehydrate onions at your home. You can choose red, yellow or white onion according to required flavors and preferences. There are special food dehydrators available in market to get the desired product. First of all, peel the onions and wash them properly into warm water. Cut the shape intelligently that can fit into food dehydrator.

Set the temperature properly according to manual recommendations. To check the onion either it is fully dehydrated or not, take it out from dehydrator and hit with a hammer. If it crashes like glass then onion is fully dehydrated. Store green dehydrated onion powder India properly for avoiding further damage. Dehydrated onions can also be converted into powder form if required. Use airtight container or zip lock bags to store final product.

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