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Bagora Dehy.
  Our experience over the years is our backbone to provide assured quality by Aims Group. The accumulated knowledge from the past of processing agricultural resources has been proved as reason of trust in us by our valued clients. We believe that “the end is where we start from.” Quality at Aims Group is precisely taken care from beginning of the process and never compromised.

It all begins from procurement of the material by trained and skilled procurement team to ensure quality of the product that we purchase. The team being from farming background we have an extra advantage of procuring the finest product in every sense through out the year and time. It ranges from seeds, weather, land, sowing, growing, harvesting and storing the raw material in the best suitable condition.

The raw material is checked as it arrives at the processing unit and than stored in ambient condition. The quality in the processing unit is maintained by considering the international food safety standard and norms. The whole system is under strict and hygienic control of the operator and production team. All the touch parts in the process unit are monitored regularly to avoid any contamination. To ensure best and consistent quality every batch is checked in Laboratory for micro and physical parameters by the lab technician and than only it is moved to storage area.

  “Quality is not an act, it is a habit. Aristotle